Consulting services

We now offer a consulting services in the following areas:

  • Web design
  • Internet hosting
  • System design
  • Software development

Some people design web-sites, others create software. We actually try to find the solution to the customers problem, which is totaly different process. There are plenty of different solutions out there, but most of the time «off the shelf» software does not completely fit or does not work at all.

The reason is — those solutions were made by the other people to solve their problems. This is why we usually offer our customers to analyse not the available solutions, but the actual problem. Only after we fully understood the problem, we can make a good decision and work together towards a cleanly defined resolution. Which should eventually lead us to the thing we care about most — the customer satisfaction.

Everything is done with the purpose, we don't try to employ a new technology for no reason. And we prefer to choose the simplest (and usually the cheapest) solution to suit your needs.