Company Profile

«Server PRO» is a full-service computer consulting and custom software solutions development company. We make software for people, not for the computers — the software people will enjoy using. With clients ranging from a personal user, to small business, to larger businesses, we have found ourselves able to meet people's needs with quality service and extremely competitive rates.

Every time someone uses a computer and says, «I wish it was made different way, easier or simpler» there's a hidden potential for a productivity boost. You'd be really surprised to save up to several hours every day with a software specially tailored for your particular usage pattern.

Our company can provide custom solutions, effectively solving your problems and making the software your people will really like.


Our company began in 2004 as an internet hosting/web-design studio, and is steadily growing since. Every month people come and ask for help. What has started as a small part-time endeavour, eventually became a full-time effort. Now we are expanding into the software and hardware development market, and expecting a significant increase in business in the coming years.