Windows programming

Having beed writing Windows software since 1991, we can cover almost any aspect of Windows programming, including (but not limited to):

  • GUI design and programming
  • High speed Data processing
  • Image processing and Computer Graphics
  • Data encryption and Security
  • Video and Audio encoding/decoding
  • ASL (Application Specific Language) design
  • Low-level programming (device drivers) 1)

1) may be quite expensive and time consuming

We have experience programming for Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, covering pretty much all existing versions. Win2000 and WinXP are extensively used every day on our computers with Windows Vista possibly coming soon during the next hardware upgrade.

The language of choice can be C/C++ (MSVC) or C# or any other compiled or scripting language you prefer. We can also design and implement the ASL (Application Specific Language) for your specific task, to hide the insignificant implementation details and let your engineers concentrate on the real problem.

We don't insist on starting every project from scratch, we can join and carry on the existing projects, providing support, upgrade, refactoring or complete rewrite if required.

GUI design and programming

Very often small companies can develop the hardware, but due to market pressure don't have time to develop the appropriate user interface to let the customer to access their hardware. To prevent this, we can design the end-user interface and implement the perfect solution for your project, including data capture, configuration editors and data visualisation aids using computer graphics and 3D display.

High speed Data processing

We can capture and analiyze data in the realtime high speed streams, including precise control routines based on the data analysis, for example, digital television MPEG data or streams from various digital testing or measuring equipment.

Image processing and Computer Graphics

We can acquire and parse visual data from the video cameras, including CCTV circuit cameras for motion detection and image recognition as well as high resolution line-sensor cameras used for the quality control on the factory production lines. Camera data analysis can be done in the realtime as well as in post-processing.

Data encryption and Security

We use contemporary encryption and error correction algorithms to ensure the data safety and security according to the customer requirements. Additional security layers can be added seamlessly to the file access level routines of existing application, if necessary.

Video and Audio encoding/decoding

We can analyze data streams, change or correct the time code and recode or postprocess the video or audio data according to the customer request. For example, CCTV data can be severely compressed for the long-time storage, significantly saving the hard disk space.

ASL/DSL (Application/Domain Specific Language) design

Usually, the ASL is required when the application domain is clearly defined and the end-user wants very short but expressive way to automate specific tasks. Examples include:
  • test automation
  • safe control of complicated mechanical equipment
  • domain specific languages

With ASL, factory engineers don't need to learn C++ or any other low-level language, they can write simple scripts and have them running in a matter of minutes. And it's not only easy to write, but also easy to understand for the people who come later for system support and maintenance. We have several projects including ASL design listed in the projects section.